Parijat Deshpande has created a “must read” for all women in a high-risk pregnancy. Nothing could be more important for both you and your baby. By gently sharing her personal journey, Parijat removes the fears of the Unknown. Pregnancy Brain read like a kitchen table conversation with a friend. This beautifully written book delivers a critically important message.

~ Susan Andrews, PhD, Clinical Neuropsychologist

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"This book is the best combination of personal storytelling, engaging information, real education and science. I believe the way that Parijat has woven together story with science is such an effective way to support women and families in the reproductive period. Many people will both learn about their bodies and feel truly seen throughout this book. This is such an empowering and real contribution to reproductive health."  

~ Katayune Kaeni, Psy.D., Psychologist in Perinatal Mental Health, Mom & Mind Podcast,

This book is a breath of fresh air! Parijat has somehow managed to explore the often dark and anxiety-producing topic of high-risk pregnancy in a positive and even joyful manner. She knows what it’s like to experience a high-risk pregnancy, and is deeply familiar with the abundant research on the effects of stress during pregnancy. Through these pages, she weaves her personal experiences and professional knowledge in a seamless and easy-to-read manner, that makes apparent why she’s rightfully earned the title of high-risk pregnancy expert. This book is a required, confidence-building and health-supporting read for anyone facing a stress-filled pregnancy.

~ Adriana Lozada, Maternity Expert & host of the Birthful podcast


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You've been through so much and you want this baby to be healthy and safe.

But you're so stressed and worried all the time. 

You know that stress and anxiety aren't good for your pregnancy or baby. So you've trying meditation, yoga, deep breathing and have downloaded all the apps to help you stay calm. But the hamster wheel keeps spinning and the "what ifs" of uncertainty keep you up at night.

Your friends and family tell you to stay positive. Your doctor tells you to "wait and see" but you know you need to do something about your stress and FAST.

Most pregnancy advice is incomplete.  

Women around the world have been led to believe that we cannot influence our health, especially during pregnancy...especially when it's high-risk. 

Unfortunately, the disconnect between the mind and body within conventional medical care is preventing you from accessing all of the tools, interventions and power at your disposal to help you stay pregnant for as long as possible, even if you have pregnancy complications.

You deserve better.

Pregnancy Brain is the first book of its kind to fill in the holes of standard prenatal care. 

Backed by over 70 years of research, this book is your companion through the ups and downs of a high-risk pregnancy, to show you how to use the power of your body's natural healing system to help you manage your pregnancy complications.

Your time to take back control of your body starts now.

Hi, I'm Parijat.

I'm Author of Pregnancy Brain, speaker, consultant, producer and CEO of a global boutique company dedicated to improving high-risk pregnancy outcomes and ending prematurity.

My work has been inspired by my personal experience of a very high-risk pregnancy and extremely preterm delivery of my son, coupled with my years of experience working in the field of clinical psychology and stress and health. By personally living through a high-risk pregnancy, it became glaringly obvious to me that traditional prenatal care is severely lacking in its understanding of the impact of maternal stress on pregnancy and fetal health. In fact, the latest scientific evidence that supports this deep connection is often left out of the clinical setting completely. 

Through my research and practice, I developed a trauma-informed, somatic approach to reducing risks of pregnancy complications that I share with my private clients and the results have been phenomenal. From decreased preterm contractions to lowered blood pressure to stabilized blood glucose levels, almost all of my clients end up beating the expectations that their medical team have laid out for them regarding the health and prognosis of their pregnancy.

After witnessing these tremendous results repeatedly, I was encouraged to write this book—so more women like you can learn about the power that your body carries, even when it feels like everything is falling apart. 

Pregnancy Brain cites over 70 years of research from the fields of obstetrics and gynecology, perinatology, clinical psychology and psychoneuroimmunology, shares anecdotes from my personal journey and shows you, through client stories, how resilient our bodies truly are even in the midst of a medical crisis.

It is my intention that you read this book and realize that you have more power than you realize to influence the health of your high-risk pregnancy. 

I believe that with all my heart and I invite you to join me, too.

Parijat Deshpande


Or request your copy from your local independent bookstore or library

Are you a provider? Place a wholesale order for your clinic, practice or agency for a discounted price

"I have experienced nothing more stressful than a high-risk pregnancy after 3 early miscarriages and a full-term, unexplained stillbirth. If you've felt, like I have, that there HAS to be more you can do to help you and your baby survive a high-risk pregnancy, and wondered where the answer is, if you, too, have suffered pregnancy loss, have felt terrified that your body might betray you in a future pregnancy, and know you'd do whatever it took to ensure a healthy outcome if someone would just tell you what to do already then look no further. This is your book. Filled with data, science and research, you'll love the evidence-based applications of proven principles to high-risk pregnancy. Parijat has been there, gets it, and captures in compelling detail the experiences and emotions of a high-risk pregnancy. Thank you, Parijat, for writing this for all of us and our babies!  

- Christine McAlister, Bestselling author of The Income Replacement Formula, business coach and founder of Life With Passion  

"A story of hope, inspiration, and raw emotion with a healthy dose of practical wisdom for those dealing with the ins and outs of a difficult pregnancy. Get your hands on this book if you want to know that somebody gets you and -- even better -- can help you move yourself through, often unspeakable, emotional and physical pain..

- Maria T. Rothenburger, PhD, Fertility Coach and Therapist

"I read this book as a mother who has suffered recurrent pregnancy loss (including neonatal loss as a result of PPROM). These experiences have left me in the midst of a major crisis of confidence in myself and my body's ability to bear children, filled with dread and anxiety about future pregnancies. Parijat's book is an empowering and powerful rallying cry to women everywhere to trust our bodies, our minds and to take back control of our own health and pregnancies. It delves into the destructive power of stress: powerful knowledge that is not only applicable to high-risk pregnancies but also to life in general!" 

~ Tania Kliphuis, Mother, South Africa

As I read this book, I got so excited to finally see this information laid out in an easily digestible, conversational, non-alarmist manner. Not only is this book great for pregnancy, it's great information for overall mental health, whether or not you're pregnant. So many books on topics such as these may hold fascinating information with an incredibly boring presentation. Not this book! I plan on sharing this book with all my clients, especially those in high risk pregnancies. Thank you so much for this valuable resource! 

- Lori Lynn Tucker, Doula at, Rogers, Arkansas

Pregnancy Brain is a groundbreaking book that's going to change the way expecting moms and their providers view stress management, mental health, and self care. Parijat empowers mothers to take an active role in reducing their risk of complications and preterm birth, all by accessing the power of their mind. Best of all, it's written in a way that makes you want to keep reading until you get to the end.

- Lily Nichols, RDN, CDE, Bestelling Author of Real Food for Pregnancy and Real Food for Gestational Diabetes

After my son was born at 23 weeks, thinking about getting pregnant again absolutely terrified me. Reading this book left me feeling more hopeful than I'd ever felt before. This book is amazing! It was extremely empowering to realize that I can affect my health positively the next time around and that I'm not completely helpless. The concepts are easy to understand and even though the book is packed with research, it's an engaging read that never felt dry or confusing. It was so engaging I kept wanting to read the next chapter. Parijat's story was also absolutely inspirational. For the first time I have hope about getting pregnant again. This book is a must read for anyone going through a high-risk pregnancy.  

- Peggy Wilson, stay-at-home-mom, Yonkers, New York

What a down to earth, realistic view of complications as they relate to female encounters with getting to know their body. An extraordinary view of pregnancy loss as well as the struggle to acquire a viable baby from a complicated pregnancy! An easy read-to-reality for any woman who has had or is experiencing a desire to be pregnant, has had a loss or has a complicated GYN history. Worth your time and consideration!

- Alice Wiggins, Registered Nurse

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Parijat Deshpande is the leading integrative high-risk pregnancy specialist, somatic trauma professional, health strategist, speaker and author who guides women to quickly and effectively deactivate the physiological stress response and restore neuro-endo-immune balance during their high-risk pregnancy so they can reduce their risk of complications and preterm delivery. Her unique approach has served hundreds of women to manage pregnancy complications and reclaim a safety and trust in their bodies that they thought was eroded forever.

Parijat is the author of Pregnancy Brain: A Mind-Body Approach to Stress Management During a High-Risk Pregnancy. She is also the host of the popular podcast Delivering Miracles®, that discusses the real, raw side of family-building including infertility, loss, high-risk pregnancy, bed rest, prematurity and healing once baby comes home. 

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